Do What you Love

All fitness models are invited. 66VIBES fitness online store is currently receiving applications to join our list of amazing, fun, and incredible fitness models. Send us a message on Whatsapp or DM on IG or Twitter. Be an early bird and feature in our next photoshoot. 

The main requirement is to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Promoting our brand is what we love to see. 

What you get?

Our commitment is to ensure we give out free yoga sets and automatic approval to our Affiliate program where you get upto 15% commission on sales made from your personalized link for life. You also get an exclusively family and friends coupon/discount codes.

What we do?

Publish your pictures on our websites, Instagram and Facebook is a relevant part of promoting our brand. You get to boost your followers on social media when featured on our pages.

Also, we give out a special membership coupon to 10 people that hashtag our products on Instagram. So, if you are a member or a customer continue to hashtag 66vibesfitness on Instagram for a chance to win. 

Want to get a free portfolio as a new model?

You are at the right spot. We would love to provide you with that with our clothing brands of course. We have an amazing photographer that will take you through every step. 

You will also get a chance to win a photo section with our biggest collaborators worldwide. 

Put on your posing shoes and join us on this ride. 

Add your IG handle to the message section. 


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